5th YouTube Video

Hi there English teachers! I’ve posted our fifth video on YouTube, the longest so far at over 4 mins. It’s a real showcase for the beauty of Cairns in Queensland, as two local teenagers each show us their favourite weekend hang-outs: 6 sites in all.

It’s up to you how you exploit the video in class, whether you write your own questions and lesson plan or choose to use mine from this site. In future, yes, there’ll be a small charge for each plan but for now everything is still free. Just help us out, would you? by telling other English teachers about this site. And one thing I’d like to know from you as practising English teachers: would you prefer a monthly subscription model with 2 lessons a month, or to pay-per-download for each individual lesson plan? If I get a lot of feedback one way that could influence my decision.

Email me at teenenglish@protonmail.com with your preferences.

Cheers, Isobel