1st lesson plan on this site

The first lesson plan has been uploaded here on TeenEnglish.com.au. It’s for the short (1.5 min) video clip Introducing Yourself that’s already on our YouTube channel, Aussie Teen English. The lesson plan is detailed and clearly laid out for any English teacher to follow step-by-step. It shows how you can achieve a long (perhaps 30 min) and useful, student-centred speaking & listening lesson based around a short video shown twice in class. More plans for active, student-centred lessons will follow for the other 2 videos.

You’ll notice I haven’t included timing for each lesson stage: that’s deliberate. Timing depends on so many variables – principally your students’ ability levels, but also your teaching style (I’m a “slow” teacher, yet extremely effective, because I follow my students’ needs which can mean a lot of digressions) and factors like whether or not your students have done this type of activity before or are used to this style of language teaching. I could confidently estimate timings for teaching my own students, but not for an unknown class or another teacher.

Hope these materials help you!