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Learning & Playing Music – Int+ (TE-009)


  • watch 7 teens talking about playing and learning music
  • guided question writing (mostly present tense)
  • vocab for learning & playing music
  • speaking and listening on the same topic

The lesson plan (PLAN TE-009) for Learning & Playing Music (Intermediate level) includes Aims & Key vocabulary, 3 Worksheets + Answer key plus a very detailed Lesson plan. If you’re a CELTA trainee, it’s an excellent model of most elements of a CELTA lesson plan.

In the video (VID TE-009) your English-learning students watch 7 teenagers from Cairns, Australia answer questions about the instruments they can & can’t play, and about learning music in school. They may recognise a few faces from earlier Teen English videos. Your students can compare what they hear with their own experiences. Level-wise, it’s for intermediates and upper-intermediates.

If these exercises and the video are too hard for your students, try the Elementary lesson (TE-008) – a shortened version omitting the last question and edited slightly differently, with amended worksheets & plan.

In a low-paper classroom, the worksheets could be displayed to the class on a screen or smart-board. Otherwise, these printable packages are in pdf form for easy printing. Another useful lesson from the expert teacher & teacher trainer Isobel Morris.


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