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Our 3 Favourite Places (TE-005)


  • Vocabulary of places and activities
  • Listening for gist & detail as 2 Cairns teens show their favourite hangouts
  • Talking about hanging out with friends
  • Vocabulary of video presentation
  • Writing a video script about places to hang out locally
  • Acting out or filming the video script

This lesson plan includes aims, key vocabulary & listening questions for you teach a complete lesson, centred on the custom-made Aussie Teen English (YouTube) video Our 3 Favourite Places, where two teens each describe their 3 favourite places to hang out.  Emm & Paige show you the North Cairns Esplanade, the Chinese Gardens, the Botanic Gardens, the public library plus a couple of creeks (seasonal rivers) just outside Cairns – The Rocks & Stony Creek. Language students in Cairns will love seeing places they recognise, while teenagers elsewhere will be interested to compare and contrast these kids’ lives with their own. Do show it if your school or college is planning a study tour to Cairns any time soon!

Afterwards your students write video scripts about their own towns, practising phrases from the lesson and using the video as a model. They might even film themselves – in English, of course! – using their mobile phones. Our 3 Favourite Places (VID TE-005) has a companion pronunciation skills video, One of my Favourite Places (VID TE-004) that can be used in a lesson before or after this one. I’d recommend teaching this one second if your students will actually be making their own videos.

This plan and video set could be used by teachers, parents or even for self-study. It’s one of Teen English’s longer videos and the girls do speak quite fast at times — remember they are real teens, not actors. With the help of our lesson plan and printable listening tasks your students will be able to grow their vocabulary; practise their listening and speaking in a motivating context; and become proud of their improving English skills.


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