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Our Favourite Music! Elem (TE-006)


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Another lesson from the expert teacher & teacher trainer Isobel Morris, with student tasks, a vocabulary list, detailed teaching guide and more. The Teaching Points are question formation (mostly present tense) &  vocabulary related to music; plus a great deal of motivating listening and speaking skills practice.

After the preparatory tasks, your students watch several Australian teens answer a series of simple but interesting questions; they complete a listening task and then talk to each other using the same language. This is a slightly easier version of the Intermediate lesson with the same name. Although the video just has a few changes, you’ll find that the tasks & worksheets in this lesson plan (PLAN2021-006) are very different.*

The printable package is in pdf form for ease of printing; alternatively, the student tasks can be displayed on a smartboard or screen.

* Remember the old teaching maxim: Grade the tasks, not the (video) text.