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Pronouncing ~es Plurals (TE-004)

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  • pronunciation of plurals that take an extra syllable (like place-places, where an extra syllable /iz/ is added).
  • review of plurals of a, this, that – form & pronunciation
  • practice saying phrases beginning One of the…  & One of my… with plural noun
  • context is Places to hang out

Goes with the video VID TE-004 on YouTube’s Aussie Teen English channel. Package includes Aims, Vocab, Lesson procedure, Worksheets & Answers. Downloadable in pdf form after payment.

” It’s One of my Favourite Places”

Most Teen English videos are not suitable for self-study, but this one actually could be used at home, by parents or for self-study.

These printables (PLAN TE-004) comprise a Student Worksheet with 5 exercises for before & after the video, the Teacher’s Answer key & a detailed Lesson Plan — so you can truly get the most out of teaching English using this Aussie Teen English pronunciation video.

The main Teaching Point here is the extra syllable in the plural form of words like beaches and places. The printed exercises complement and extend the custom-created YouTube video (VID TE-004), in which 19-yr-old pronunciation queen Anna guides your teenage learners as they listen and repeat – first a few words, then phrases. She gradually builds up their ability until they can say several sentences & complex phrases with natural sounds, rhythm and intonation. Examples: “…one of the best hamburger places in this street” & “One of my favourite places is the beach“. For visual interest it shows glimpses of places where Cairns people often hang out in their free time.

This video lesson could either follow on from, or preview, our other video lesson “Our 3 Favourite Places” (VID TE-005, also on YouTube ), where 2 teens show us their 3 favourite places in Cairns. If you will want your students to film their own My Favourite Places in English later, make sure you teach this lesson first, to practise these phrases!

Designed for use in a high-school English ESL/EFL/ESOL class; suitable for pre-intermediate, intermediate & even upper-intermediate level teenagers.

1 review for Pronouncing ~es Plurals (TE-004)

  1. Beate

    Anna est charmante!

    • Isobel McRae Morris

      Thank you. I agree, Anna is charming!

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