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Food: Likes & Dislikes (TE-003)


  • Likes and dislikes
  • Weird food experiences
  • Question formation
  • Survey – ask and answer

8 pages of quality materials include Aims, Vocab, Lesson procedure, Worksheets & Answers. Downloadable in pdf form after payment.


In the video (VID TE-003), 4 teenagers from Queensland are asked about food likes and dislikes, allergies and trying weird food. They ask and answer some common, useful questions  e.g. Do you prefer ice-cream or yoghurt? Have you ever eaten crocodile? Some of their answers may surprise you!

Teachers who download and follow this document (PLAN TE-003) can use the video as the central section of an stimulating 1 hr+ lesson in 9 stages, plus a bonus 3-stage extension activity for a future lesson. The teaching points are food vocab, question formation (mixed tenses) and spoken fluency practice.  Activities include guided question writing; listening & note-taking; a class survey; an information-gap speaking activity with built-in revision of vocabulary and several question forms.

All these activities will develop your students’ language skills significantly more than just watching the video alone. Designed for class use with a teacher, it could also be followed by English-speaking parents. Suitable for pre-intermediate, intermediate & upper-intermediate levels.


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