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Underwater Hockey (TE-010)


Main teaching points:

  • Sports vocabulary: sports equipment + verbs of movement + rules of a game
  • Present simple passive e.g. It is worn on your face. / They are given to people who win competitions.
  • Speaking, listening & writing practice.

Download 13 comprehensive pages – Questions, Worksheets, Answers, Communication Game, Aims & Vocab plus detailed Lesson Stages for 1.5 to 2 classroom hours with follow-on writing exercise. A complete intermediate (+/- ) level lesson. Downloadable in pdf form after payment.


This pdf lesson package (PLAN TE-010) includes Lesson Aims, Key Vocabulary, Student Worksheets, Answers and a very detailed Lesson Guide (lesson plan) for an intermediate-level English lesson centred around the video Underwater Hockey (by Aussie Teen English on YouTube). It’s the first video in what will be a series called “My Passion” where teenagers from Cairns talk about something they feel passionate about. The video can be used as a springboard for all sorts of language activities.

In Underwater Hockey, teenager Jordan takes your students to the pool where her team practises the sport she loves. She shows each piece of equipment and teaches your students its name & what it’s used for. Then she explains the basic rules of the game and talks about the team winning medals at a recent national competition. Made by a teen, for teens – your class will love it! It will tie in with units about sport, the Olympics, hobbies & activities, keeping fit; also rules & instruction giving.

Bonus! – here’s a link to a recent news article which you could use as a follow-on reading text, about why underwater hockey is a great sport for the tropics. (600 words; upper-intermediate level, but intermediates could probably tackle it with a little guidance).

In a low-paper classroom, the worksheets could be displayed to the class on a screen or smart-board. Otherwise, these printable packages are in pdf form for easy printing.


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