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Learning & Playing Music Elem (TE-008)


Topic: studying music & learning an instrument at high school in Australia.

  • see Aussie teens talking about their experiences
  • talk about learning & playing music
  • music vocabulary – e.g. verbs (read music) & instruments (guitar)
  • simple present questions
  • short answer forms e.g. Yes, I can.

The detailed set of printables (PLAN TE-008) provides everything you need to teach this video-centred lesson: Aims & Vocab list, Worksheets for writing questions & listening to the video, Worksheets for speaking afterwards, Answer key and a detailed CELTA-style lesson procedure.

Your students will watch 7 teenagers from Cairns, Australia talking about learning music and playing instruments. They’ll do some language exercises, then talk about their own experiences using the same language. Specially edited for elementary and pre-intermediate students, this version of Learning and Playing Music (TE-008) is similar to but easier than the Intermediate level version, with different exercises. If your students need more of a challenge, use the intermediate version (VID TE-009) instead.

In a low-paper classroom, the worksheets could be displayed to the class on a screen or smart-board. Otherwise, these printable packages are in pdf form for easy printing. Another useful lesson from the expert teacher & teacher trainer Isobel Morris.


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