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Our Favourite Music! Int (TE-007)


  • Vocabulary related to enjoying music
  • Question writing about taste in music (pres. simple; Y/N + Wh- qus)
  • Listening to video for gist & detail; interpreting some details
  • Finding out what teenage Australians listen to
  • Speaking & listening about favourite songs, singers and bands

A pdf lesson package (TE-007) including lesson aims, key vocabulary, student worksheets and a very detailed task-based lesson guide for a lesson centred around the video Our Favourite Music! (VID TE-007) by Aussie Teen English. In it, 7 teenagers from Queensland talk about their favourite songs, singers, bands & types of music. It’s aimed at Intermediate and Upper Intermediate classes. Your students will write 6 questions; watch and listen to them being answered (“modelled”); then use similar language to ask & answer the same questions, and later to talk generally about their own taste in music. You’ll be amazed how willingly your students will talk in English!

The pdf worksheets included in this download can be displayed to the class on a screen or smart-board, or printed for each student.

Another lesson from the expert teacher & teacher trainer Isobel Morris. Recommended for CELTA trainees as an example of a detailed lesson plan.

Make sure you choose the correct plan here! Music is such a popular topic that I’ve made 2 pairs of videos about Music: one pair at Intermediate level, and a similar pair at Elementary level. The Elementary videos are slightly shortened for elementary & pre-int students with different, much easier tasks & worksheets. Part I, Our Favourite Music! covers likes & favourites: the plan TE-006 with video TE-006 is the easier, Elementary version, while this one is TE-007 at Intermediate level. If it’s too hard for your students, use TE-006 instead.

You can follow up in a future lesson with Part II, Learning & Playing Music (Elementary = TE-008 or this level, Intermediate = TE-009), in which the same teens answer questions about their musical abilities and even sing to camera!


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