10th YouTube video

Do you play hockey? Did you know it can even be played underwater? Our tenth and most recent video, uploaded last week to Aussie Teen English on YouTube, is all about underwater hockey! – carefully explained by teenager Jordan whose local team won the national championships last year.

It’s the first in a new series by Teen English called “My Passion” in which individual teens explain a topic they feel passionate about. The series will give your students insight into how Cairns teens see the world and where their interests lie, giving your students plenty of similarities and differences to talk about in their English lessons. On the lessons page I’ve also put a link to a 600-word article about underwater hockey that ties in thematically.

We have grown to nearly 300 subscribers on YouTube. Aussie Teen English viewers are spread around the world and the majority of them are English teachers. The 4 top countries at the moment are Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil & India. Are you in one of those countries?

All the best, Isobel