Topic: Music

The latest lesson topic is Music. Teenagers always enjoy talking about music, and these lessons will help your students do so with confidence. There are 4 videos in total: 2 at elementary level and 2 at Intermediate level. This is in response to feedback from teachers in Japan whose teen students found the first few Teen English videos quite a challenge. I had already filmed 7 Aussie teens and was editing Music I (The music we like) and Music II (Learning & playing music) to intermediate level, with 6 questions each. So I then re-edited to make shorter and simpler videos so that lower level classes can enjoy the same topics too. Watch both versions yourself to decide which one is best for your own students.

Feedback is vital so that I make what you need. You probably know the address by now – . Don’t be shy, I’m looking forward to getting more emails from teachers outside Australia!