We’ve reached a number of milestones recently, and I’d like to thank all the wonderful English teachers who’ve helped make it possible. Thank you! Thank you for watching and for subscribing. I hope you are having a great time showing our Cairns teenagers to your own teenage students.

On YouTube, Aussie Teen English reached its 30th subscriber today. It took several months to get to 20 subscribers, and then 2 weeks later we had 30! [Update – a week later, 55 subscribers: clearly we’re doing something right!] Many subscribers are anonymous but I’ve also noticed English teachers from Australia, Iran, Russia, Spain or South America & Japan [update – plus Turkey & Germany]. This world-wide reach is absolutely marvellous! and exactly what I hoped for when I started Teen English.

Another milestone last week was when one particular Aussie Teen English video passed 1,000 views – it’s now at 1.5k views and climbing daily. It’s video 001 [Introducing Yourself], which introduces a number of teenagers in the subsequent videos. It’s a good one to let your students meet the teens in the subsequent videos. Make sure you use the printable exercises and lesson plans from this website, which go into a great deal of detail and will save you hours of work. [update – 2.7k views. For a tiny start-up like Teen English, this is a big deal!]

Our latest videos on YouTube are on the topic of Music. Music I covers tastes – musical likes & dislikes. Music II covers learning and playing instruments. In response to feedback from teachers in Japan, I’ve made an easier version of both videos, to suit elementary and pre-intermediate students. I love getting feedback, so please do keep sending me any comments. The simplest way is to email .

Cheers, mate! Isobel