Teaching Speaking: free webinars, Feb+Mar 2022

I’d like to let you all know about some great, free 1-hr online seminars for teachers of English in schools – for you, in other words! You can register to attend, and they’re being held now.

This Cambridge English series about how to develop students’ speaking skills is aimed at school teachers preparing students to take Cambridge exams at B1 & B2 level – that is, at intermediate & upper-intermediate level. But even if your class aren’t taking those exams, the strategies and information will be useful, especially if your school doesn’t often provide professional development. Each webinar is being held twice at different times of day, to ensure teachers in different parts of the world can take part. I urge you to click on this link to register on the Cambridge English site. The next webinars cover:

  • Pronunciation in Teaching Speaking – tomorrow, 24 Feb 22, at 3pm UK time = 15.00hrs GMT.
  • Discourse Management in Teaching Speaking – 08 Mar 22 @ 10.00 GMT & 10 Mar 22 @ 15.00 GMT
  • Grammar and Vocabulary in Teaching Speaking – 22 Mar 22 @ 09.00 GMT & 24 Mar 22 @ 15.00 GMT

Also on this page is a recording of a recent webinar. It’ll give you an idea of how these webinars work, and you’ll notice that the recordings change from time to time as new seminars take place. Sometimes teachers connect & type in their questions, then a panel of experts answer as many as they can, with quite a discussion around each topic. So consider preparing a question in advance! In other webinars there’s just one presenter, who leads & informs, shows slides & invites the teachers in the audience to participate using the chat box.

Ok, enjoy this training and do let me know how the experience was for you. Also, tell me if you hear of any other similar free opportunities for teachers that I could publicise. Thanks! Isobel – teenenglish@protonmail.com