Working behind the scenes

Hi everyone. I’m working on getting a few videos done for the Aussie Teen English YouTube account, which is taking time. I’ve been learning how to shoot and edit videos but it’s not as easy as you might think. I’m grateful to ShotCut, which is the open-source editing software that I’ve decided to use after trying two others.

Today I was trying to film Leo the dog again as he goes about his normal day. Not easy – he doesn’t keep still, and is often too far away or off-camera. He’s also interested in the camera, so I have to delete a lot of close-ups of his face. At one point he was lying next to the cat, who started to lick his face; so I ran to fetch the camera and got about a minute’s worth of lovely film until he licked her too roughly and she clawed him and ran off under a bed in another room. Then I realised, alas, I’d set the camera to “time lapse” instead of “video”, so the clip is unusable for my purposes.

Cheers mate!